Ursa Minor

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Ursa Minor
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


As at 3061 the York-class WarShip Ursa Minor was serving as the CGB Ursa Minor within the Clan Ghost Bear touman, and serving as a part of the Ghost Bear's flexible naval reserve.[1] The Ursa Minor remained an active part of the Ghost Bear touman for the next six years;[2] in May 3067 the Ursa Minor was involved in the second naval battle for Alshain, a Trial of Possession initiated by forces from Clan Nova Cat for the Leviathan-class battleship CGB Rasalhague, which was undergoing construction in the Alshain shipyards at the time.[3]

The Trial was devastating for both sides, with half the Ghost Bear fleet destroyed and similar losses on the part of the Nova Cats; the Trial was initiated by the Nova cat Transcendent Naval Star, but the local commanding officer of the Ghost Bear naval forces refused the Nova cat batchall and ordered an immediate attack.[3]

As the battle began a second Nova Cat Star, the Vision Naval Star arrived, while a second force of heavy Ghost Bear WarShips including the Ursa Minor began moving to support the Nightlord-class battleship CGB Ursa Major and her four-strong destroyer group. Star Admiral Leroux of the Transcendent Naval Star managed to convince the commander of the second Ghost Bear force that the Trial was a legitimate and honorable trial, effectively splitting the Trial into two seperate naval engagements; as a result, the Trial didn't degenerate into a mass brawl, but it still devastated both the Ghost Bear and Nova Cat fleets.[3]

The Black Lion-class battlecruiser CGB Bear's Den was responsible for destroying the Congress-class frigate SLS True Vision, the Nova Cat flagship. during the Trial - but not before the True Vision had destroyed both the Ursa Minor and the Fredasa-class corvette CGB Black Ghost.[3]

The Ghost Bears were the victors in the Trial, but the losses taken on both parts made the victory a pyrrhic one at best; besides the CGB Rasalhague, only a single Ghost Bear WarShip survived the trial, the Ursa Major.[3]

The DropShips Polar Star and Dark Nebula were attached to the Ursa Minor on the day of its last battle.


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