Steel Shield

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Steel Shield
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


As at 3059 the Potemkin-class cruiser Steel Shield was a WarShip within the Clan Hell's Horses touman and was serving as the CHH Steel Shield alongside two sister vessels of the same class, the CHH Armageddon and the CHH Blood Horse.[1] The Steel Shield would continue to be an active part of the touman throughout the next decade.[2]

The Steel Shield participated in the Hell's Horses invasion of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone shortly after the start of the Jihad, initially as allies of convenience with Clan Ice Hellion, whose touman was also conducting an invasion of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone at the same time. However, relations between the Hell's Horses and Ice Hellions soured, with the Hell's Horses allying themselves with the Jade Falcons against their former allies. The reason for this change in allegiance was an Ice Hellion attack on Steelton, a world occupied by the Hell's Horses.[3]

In November 3071 the Essex-class destroyer CIH Moore's Honor was acting as an escort to the supply ships assigned to Beta Galaxy when the Hell's Horses attacked Beta Galaxy at Toland. The Moore's Honor was caught and destroyed along with three Ice Hellion JumpShips by the Steel Shield and the Lola III-class destroyer CHH Black Knight.[4][5]


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