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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip (Yardship)
Class Faslane


The Glamorgan was one of six Faslane-class Yardships to be constructed in secret between 2882 and 2949 by ComStar.[1] In 3062 the CSV Glamorgan was reported to be operating independently of the ComStar fleet, on detached duty alongside its sister ship the CSV Roslare, and operating out of the Columbus Deep Periphery station in support of Explorer Corps operations.[2] The CSV Glamorgan remained in service with ComStar as of 3067,[3] and was reported to be one of three Faslanes to have survived until 3076[4] but the Glamorgan ultimately failed to survive the Jihad.[5] This was later contradicted by reports that the three surviving Faslane vessels were transferred to Terra to supplement the Titan Shipyards after the Jihad.[6]


The CSV Glamorgan is occasionally misspelled as the Galamorgan, but it has been confirmed by Chris Hartford that the correct spelling of the name is indeed Glamorgan. (As officially confirmed in this reply on the BattleTech Forum in the "Ask the Writers" section by Chris Hartford: "They should be Rosslare (named for the Irish port) and Glamorgan (named for the Welsh county).".


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