Snake in the Grass

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Snake in the Grass
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Whirlwind
Previous classes Davion


As at 3061 the Whirlwind-class Destroyer Snake in the Grass was a WarShip within the Clan Steel Viper touman and was serving as the CSV Snake in the Grass. Also serving in the Steel Viper touman at the same time was a sister vessel to the Snake in the Grass, the CSV Constrictor.[1]

In November 3069 the Snake in the Grass was one of several Steel Viper WarShips to be directly involved in the assault by Alpha Galaxy against the Clan Jade Falcon world of Ironhold, the first Jade Falcon target to be hit by the Steel Vipers following Khan Brett Andrews' attempt to have the Jade Falcons declared dezgra and expelled from the Clan Homeworlds.[2]

A full Star of Steel Viper WarShips were responsible for deflecting the attempt by the Jade Falcons' Emerald Talon Assault Star to disrupt the landing, with the Snake in the Grass acting as an escort vessel alongside the Lola III-class destroyer CSV Snake Pit and Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSV Steel Python while the Cameron-class battlecruiser CSV Zalman's Endeavor and the Steel Viper flagship, the Nightlord-class battleship CSV Dark Asp, provided support. The actions of the Snake in the Grass and the other WarShips, joined by almost ten Stars of AeroSpace Fighters, were sufficient to push the defending Falcon WarShips far enough away that Alpha Galaxy could launch a full assault drop, securing the world within a month.[2]

In 3072 HPGs within the Clan Homeworlds began to suffer a series of mysterious maladies and unexplained downtime. At least 75% of the network was disrupted via some form of network virus; while it was initially thought that the virus only affected planetary HPGs, it was soon proved that the virus could be transmitted to WarShips mounting HPGs as well. When the HPG on New Kent transmitted data packets to three Steel Viper WarShips, including the Snake in the Grass, a number of bad packets were included in the transmission; these bad packets disrupted the systems of the vessels, infecting them and rendering them inoperable. In the case of the Snake in the Grass the damage was extreme; the ship began drifting out of control, and then suddenly accelerated into deep space after the maneuvering drives were activated.[3]


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