Relentless Pursuit

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Relentless Pursuit
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent Mk. 42


Clan Era[edit]

As at 3059 the Vincent Mk. 42-class corvette Relentless Pursuit was serving as the CWS Relentless Pursuit within the Clan Wolf touman alongside a sister ship of the same class, the CWS Trailblazer, and was acting either as an escort vessel between the worlds of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone and the Clan Homeworlds or as a patrol vessel within the Homeworlds.[1]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

The Relentless Pursuit remained an active part of the Wolf touman for the next decade[2] but following the nuclear scouring of the Wolf capital world of Tamar in late 3070 by the Word of Blake the Relentless Pursuit was part of a trade between the Wolves and Clan Coyote.[3]

The Blakist attack caused the loss of the genetic repository that formed the basis of the entire Clan Wolf eugenics programme; determined to prevent this loss coming to light - and the resulting feeding frenzy amongst the other Clans it would doubtless provoke - Khan Vlad Ward initiated two major trades with the Coyotes; the first saw the Wolves gain the entire of the Coyote Omicron Galaxy and five Stars of merchant transport vessels to allow the Wolves to evacuate a large part of their remaining Warrior and Technician Castes from the Homeworlds, in exchange for all of the remaining Wolf enclaves in the Homeworlds. The second trade saw the Wolves trade five Stars of AeroSpace assets, the Relentless Pursuit and the Volga-class transport CWS Provider to the Coyotes in exchange for ten Coyote sibkos populated with those of minor Bloodnames or shared Bloodnames with the Wolves.[3]


In June 3072 the Relentless Pursuit - now serving as the CCS Relentless Pursuit - was involved in the conflict over various enclaves on the former Clan Smoke Jaguar world of Huntress. Both Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Cloud Cobra were working together with the agreement of their respective Khans to Reave a number of Smoke Jaguar genetic legacies stored in Mount Szabo, the majority of which had remained unused since the Annihilation of the Smoke Jaguars.[4]

The combined Cloud Cobra and Scorpion forces took the Mount Szabo facility easily, despite resistance from a small Dark Caste force nearby - something that would be identified in future years to be a result of Mount Szabo having become a Society facility during the years in which the Clans believed the site to be unused. The two forces took only enough isorla to repair the damage taken during the brief battle, confirmed the presence of the various legacies, and then withdrew so that the facility could be destroyed by orbital bombardment on the 30th of June.[4]

The advanced machines used by the Dark Caste forces convinced the Cobras and Scorpions to investigate Huntress further, looking for more evidence of such advanced technology; as they were working through various abandoned Smoke Jaguar enclaves a force from Clan Coyote appeared near Huntress via a pirate point and quickly dropped ground forces onto the planet, seizing a number of resource complexes and the Warhawk factory on Abysmal from the Scorpions. The Coyotes quickly stripped the captured facilities before the Scorpions could react, leaving pursuing Scorpion forces to engage the Coyote rearguard as they were leaving the planet.[4]

The Coyote DropShips were engaged by the Essex-class destroyer CGS Orpheus and the volga-class transport CGS Andromeda, which Star Admiral Patel Suvorov had the foresight to have placed in position in advance of the Coyote's retreat. The two Scorpion WarShips caught and destroyed half of the DropShips, only to be attacked in turn by the Relentless Pursuit; the Relentless Pursuit quickly destroyed the Andromeda while a combination of Coyote AeroSpace Fighters and previously-unseen Assault ProtoMechs with wings held the Orpheus off. With the Andromeda destroyed, the Coyotes then used repeated strikes to hammer at the Orpheus until it broke up against the atmosphere of Huntress.[4]


When Clan Steel Viper launched a massive attack on Tamaron in December 3074, the Relentless Pursuit was stationed alongside the Liberator-class cruiser CCS Spirit in the Sky in the Kirin system, and so escaped destruction at the hands of the naval forces led by the Leviathan Prime-class CSV Perigard Zalman and was subsequently joined by the two Coyote naval vessels that managed to escape from Tamaron.[5]

The Relentless Pursuit was one of only three WarShips left in the Coyote touman by 3085, at which point it was undergoing repairs at the Kirin shipyard.[5]


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