Canid Cooperative

Canid Cooperative
Stable Profile
Faction Affiliation None
Units Used
BattleMechs Yes
Conventional Infantry Yes


The Canid Cooperative is a non-traditional mixed infantry and BattleMech stable founded just after the fall of the Republic of the Sphere.


Founded in December of 3135, the Cooperative was a Solaris Stable that was structured as a partnership. Independent warriors join by contract.

Yulri created a oath for the Canid, the corner stone foundation for the stable's mission. The main goal is to raise human civilization to what could be, to fulfill humanity's promise. In Yulri's words, "Its impossible to be dedicated to such purpose, to work toward such a goal, without honor." Yulri's mission to have Canid to instill honor back into civilization through his co-op example. The oath was later called the Canid Code of Honor. At least two full stables, Wraith & Zellbrigen declared voluntary compliance to the it.

Canid's first noted fight was between Julia Wallance's Merlin against MechWarrior Whuang's Bushwacker from Tandrek Stables in February of 3136.

In April, Yulri defeated Arstide Hiser of Huntsman stable at the Boreal Reach Arena and destroyed his 'Mech due to his illegal preemptive attack on his 'Mech.

In June, Yulri fought against Herbert Jordan in his Neanderthal Assault 'Mech in the Ishiyama arena . This where conspiracy by New DeLon Stables to disqualify and possibly kill co-op becomes known to the public. The conspiracy to end the co-op's attempt to instill the oath on rest of Solaris warriors. Results that both stables end up being banned from the championship of 3136.

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Simien Fox was a wealthy Solaris citizen that sort of sponsored with money the Cooperative.[1]
  • Tommy Gunn was a sort of Stable Master of the Canid Cooperative, former fight promoter and manager in Solaris.[citation needed]

In terms of organization, everybody considered Yulri Wolf (former Steel Wolves Star Captain) the leader, with Jasmine "Jazz" duMartre (and Infantry scout with MechWarrior training also) acting as his second.[1]

Notable Personnel[edit]


It is not known how many people was a MechWarrior for the Canid Cooperative.

Known MechWarriors[edit]


An infantry team (several squads) were fighting for the Stable as per 3135.

They were known as the War Dogs.[1]

Known Infantrymen[edit]


  • Clarence was a sort of driver/bodyguard of Tommy Gunn.[1]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The stable's style is formulated on team work. Where infantry & MechWarriors train in use both fields of combat. All infantryman train to get a Solaris Circuit MechWarrior License, and all MechWarriors trains as infantry so both groups understand their colleagues much better.[1]

It is common undeerstanding that if a MechWarrior tries to cheat against the Cooperative, they will loose their 'Mech, even at the cost of their victory in the match.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

The stable has only appeared in Wolf Hunters novel, not in any source book yet published.


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