Capellan Commonality Bank

The CCB headquarters building


The Capellan Commonality Bank is the state-owned central bank and financial planner of the Capellan Confederation. Founded January 5th, 2450, the bank's headquarters is located in the city of Herald on Capella. The CCB is responsible for all financial interactions within the Confederation and between it and the other Successor States. As such, a member of House Liao has traditionally served as Director of the bank.[1][2]

The CCB is the major holder of state securities and is charged with determining the value of the yuan, the official state currency. By law, the bank is required to set aside 5% of its assets for use as direct loans to the Confederation, to be issued as needed by the Prefectorate. It also the primary source of loans and credit to corporations and citizens from across the Confederation, and has traditionally been a major supporter of the arts and sciences. The CCB is also responsible for currency exchanges and trade negotiations with foreign powers, and often works closely with the Ministry of Trade and Exchange during such interactions.[1][2]


In 3025, Duchess Candace Liao was Director of the Capellan Commonality Bank.[1] By 3067, Duke Gregory Liao had assumed the position.[2]


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