Su Xiaose

Su Xiaose
Born: 3023
Mayor of Huss (Acamar)

Character History[edit]

Su Xiaose (b. 3023 - d. ????) was the Mayor of Huss on the planet Acamar during the Jihad and had extensive business contacts throughout the local region. While Acamar was occupied the Word of Blake as a part of its incorporation into the Word of Blake Protectorate, Su led an anti-Blakist resistance movement on the world.[1]

Capellan Transitional Council[edit]

In April 3081, Exarch Devlin Stone formed a body known as the Capellan Transitional Council, a part of the Capellan Transitional Government; the Capellan Transitional Government was intended to ease that transition of former Capellan worlds into the Republic of the Sphere, and the Capellan Transitional Council was a part of the Capellan Transitional Government. The Council was charged with examining ways in which the cultural traditions of the various worlds could enrich the entire Republic, rather than resulting in individual worlds being segregated. Xu was appointed as Chairman of the seven-person Council; at 58, he was considerably older than the youngest member of the council, Melissa Allard-Liao.[1]


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