Carlos Calderon


Carlos Calderon
Affiliation House Calderon


Carlos Calderon (b.????, d.2660) was a cousin of Protector Henry Calderon and a grandson of Marantha Calderon. In 2629 the aging Protector sought to clarify the successor to the Protectorship by a plebiscite vote. Henry was allowed to chose his successor, his 4 year old niece Consuelo Calderon; Henry named Carlos to be her regent, 'Protector to the Protector'. There were a great many feeble jokes about Carlos' title, none of which were very amusing. Carlos' rule was even-handed and continued Henry's efforts to rebuild the Taurian Concordat out of the cooling ashes of the Reunification War. In 2650 at the age of 25, Consuelo declared herself ready to become Protector, and Carlos yielded his term as Protector gracefully to her. Consuelo and the Star League High Council acknowledged their gratitude for Carlos' many years of service by making him the first Honorary Council Lord.[1]


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Preceded by
Henry Calderon
Protector's Protector (Regent)

Succeeded by
Consuelo Calderon