Carmine Justice

Carmine Justice
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The CBS Carmine Justice was a WarShip within the Clan Blood Spirit touman and one of only six WarShips in the Blood Spirit touman in the late 3050s. Serving as a part of the Naval Reserve, the Carmine Justice was the flagship of Clan Blood Spirit and was under the command of Star Admiral Phen Johns during the Trial of Absorption fought against Clan Burrock.[1]

It was during the Burrock Absorption that the Carmine Justice was destroyed in battle, fighting against the Clan Star Adder Black Lion-class battlecruiser CSA Admiral William S. Preston, with Admiral Johns killed. Johns and the Carmine Justice had been providing naval support for the Blood Spirit Beta Galaxy and came into conflict with the Admiral William S. Preston, which was supporting the Star Adder Gamma Galaxy.[1]

The Carmine Justice was succeeded as the Blood Spirit flagship by the Black Lion-class CBS Rocinante.[1]


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