Carreño Life Sciences

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Carreño Life Sciences is a notable pharmaceutrical and bio-engineering company in the Free Worlds League.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

League Stock Market Symbol: CarLife[1]

Home Office: Atreus City, Atreus (circa 3067)[1]

President/CEO: Cedric Alarcon (circa 3067)[1]


One of the many pharmaceutical companies to benefit from the discovery and deciphering of the Helm Memory Core, Carreño Life Sciences worked to both refine its existing products as well developing entirely new techniques and products. Though many of its new developments remained experimental, or even classified as military secrets, the company achieved significant fame for its release of ReLive in 3042. While both horribly expensive and incredibly intricate, the roughly 5,000 Eagles per month procedure apparently slows the aging process of the recipient to one-fifth its normal rate. However ReLive does nothing to extend the lifespan of the subject and only halts the aging process from the point treatment begins, as well as needing to be taken continuously to maintain its effects.[1]

ReLive's most notable recipient and public face is Free Worlds League Military Commodore Tania King of the Fourth Oriente Fusiliers' naval detachment, among the first batch of ReLive recipients in 3042 and ensuring she looked no more than 25 years old at age 45 in 3067. While the FWLM generally frowns upon the involvement of its officers in such corporate promotions, the positive effect of the glamorous King's advertising on FLWM recruitment and Carreño's ties with the royal court prompted it to make an exception in this instance.[1]


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