Castle Brian Aerospace Hanger

Castle Brian Aerospace Hangar
Production information
Chassis Type Heavy
Motive Type
Technology Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes)
Length (meters/Hexes) 180m / 6 hexes
Width (meters/Hexes) 90m / 3 hexes
Height (meters/Levels) 42m / 7 levels
Power System
Heat Sinks (total)
Construction Factor 75 (Capital)
Armor (per Hex) 75 (Capital)
Total Cargo (tons)
Doors (total)
Escape Pods
Crew 224 total
  • 24 Officers
  • 160 Crew
  • 40 Gunners
Armament 16 Large Pulse Lasers
16 Medium Pulse Lasers
16 SRM-6+Artemis w/ 120 tons ammo
16 Machine Guns w/ 16 tons ammo
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


A Castle Brian Aerospace Hangar were fortified Castle Brian-class structures able to handle a variety of aerospace vehicles. Port Castles were the first to utilize these hangars, which ranged from low-slung structures suitable for only Aerospace Fighters and Small Craft to 100m-tall hangars for spheroid DropShips, though the most common were mid-sized buildings able to support small craft and aerodyne DropShips. Like other aboveground Brian structures these hangars are fully self-contained and extend two levels below ground for additional storage and access points to the rest of the complex.[1]


Aerospace Hangers which only support aerospace fighters are 3 levels high, while those supporting spheroid DropShips are 15 levels high, but are otherwise identical to the one presented here.[1]


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