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Classification: Weapons: Light Weapons: Infantry Weapons: Ballistic Infantry Weapons
see also: Ballistic Support Weapons: Ballistic Medium Weapons: Ballistic Support Weapons
see also: Ballistic Weapons: Ballistic Heavy Weapons: Ballistic Weapons

This list catalogs all canon Infantry Weapons articles on BTW. Infantry Weapons are primarily set in the RPG Game and translated formulaicly into the BattleTech Game, These weapons are used by individual troopers, fire teams, or mounted on pintle mounts. Ballistic Weapons are weapons that fire a projectile that travels a powered or unpowered ballistic arc.

"Capital" Scale Ballistic Weapons weapons belong here. "Heavy" or BattleMech/Vehicular Scale ballistic weapons belong here. "Medium" or "Support" Weapons belong here.

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