Cebalrai Protectorate Militia

Cebalrai Protectorate Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Parent Formation Protectorate Militia



Established on Cebalrai after the planet had been conquered by the Word of Blake and incorporated into the Word of Blake Protectorate, the Cebalrai Protectorate Militia were the primary defensive force on the world when Clan Ghost Bear attacked in August 3075, although an undisclosed number of Blakist-affiliated mercenary units were also on Cebalrai and fought in support of the Protectorate Militia.[1] The Cebalrai PM had spent two years training under elements of the Twentieth Militia Division following the conquest of Cebalrai by the Twentieth in 3069.[2] The Cebalrai PM was only one division strong by the 1st of January 3075.[3]

Clan Ghost Bear's Omicron Galaxy assigned the Sixty-ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster and the First and Seventh Bear Regulars to the liberation of Cebalrai, with the three units deploying in mid-August.[1]

Having established landing zones, the three units swiftly pushed the defending forces from the Cebalrai Protectorate Militia and their supporting mercenaries off the continent of Lennori and continued to pursue them across Sarrina. The pursuit ended with the battle for control of New Wade, the planetary capital, where elements of the Cebalrai Protectorate Militia fought for three days in a bloody battle against the Ghost Bear forces. New Wade was secured by the Ghost Bears on the 18th of August and the government re-established; concerns about rogue Blakist units and supporters led to the First remaining in place to both act as guards and recuperate from their losses.[1]

The Seventh Bear Regulars and the Sixty-ninth PGC continued to harry the retreating Cebalrai Protectorate Militia and their allies, pursuing them back to Dragga, where the Blakists still controled the three main cities. The main Blakist strength was at Kamrin, a heavily industrial city, and the Ghost Bear forces were driving deep into the city when the Blakists acted out of desperation and detonated a chain of five neutron bombs that had been concealed under the city. The results were devastating for the Seventh Regulars and the Sixty-ninth PGC, who were collectively reduced to just a handful of survivors.[1][4][5]

With the Ghost Bears still in control of the bulk of Cebalrai the Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster was deployed to the planet to secure Dragga, a campaign that took until at least the 23rd of August;[1] even with the Blakists annihilated,[6] the casualties inflicted on the Seventh Regulars and the Sixty-ninth PGC were such that Omicron Galaxy halted offensive operations temporarily to reassess the campaign and attempt to recover its strength.[1]

The Republic of the Sphere subsequently established a memorial to the Ghost Bears who died liberating Cebalrai; a huge sculpture of a Ghost Bear, carved from obsidian, was placed in the center of Kamrin, the location of the final conflict between the Ghost Bears and the Blakists.[6]


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