Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment

Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (CASE)
Production information
Type Equipment (Physical Enhancement)
Tech Base Clan


Year Availability Clan = 2825

IS = 3036

Year Introduced Clan = 2825 CSJ

IS = 2597 TH

Year Extinction IS = 2840
Year Reintroduced IS = 3036 DC
Technology Rating D
Availability Ratings C/F/D
Technical specifications
Heat 0
Tons Clan = 0

IS = 0,5

Critical Slots Clan = 0

IS = 1

Cost (unloaded) 50,000
BV (1.0) C
BV (2.0) C


CASE, short for Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment, was created by the Terran Hegemony in 2476[1] as a system designed to reduce the hazards of carrying volatile or explosive equipment, usually ammunition. CASE is essentially a specialized container structure for housing the equipment, and redirects explosive force in the event that the equipment explodes. While this makes it invaluable for preventing excessive internal damage, CASE does not actually stop the explosion, it merely contains and redirects the explosive force, so after an explosion units likely will be crippled or nonfunctional, though not destroyed outright.

Inner Sphere CASE weighs half-a-ton per piece, while Clan CASE does not require any additional tonnage. Both the Inner Sphere and Clan CASE cost 50,000 C-Bills. CASE mounted on an Inner Sphere 'Mech can only be placed in a torso section, and only protects that torso section. Any other ground, sea, or air vehicle mounting CASE only requires one, which protects the entire vehicle.


CASE is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company/Used by
ArcShield CASE Betelgeuse Aldis Industries
ArcShield CASE New Earth New Earth Trading Company
Durallex CASE Corey Hellespont Industrials
Durallex CASE Quentin Independence Weaponry
Durallex CASE Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Durallex CASE Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs - (Free Worlds Defense Industries)
Durallex CASE Wallis Ronin Incorporated
Durallex CASE Furillo Defiance Industries
Durallex CASE Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Durallex CASE Taurus Taurus Territorial Industries
Glasgow CASE Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Hellespont CASE Sian Hellespont 'Mech Works
Jolassa CASE Umka Kerr-McGinniss
Kallon CASE Nanking Kallon Industries
Kallon CASE Wernke Kallon Industries
Kallon CASE Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs - (Free Worlds Defense Industries)
Kallon CASE Thermopolis Kallon Industries
Kallon CASE Pandora Red Devil Industries
Leviathon CASE Pinard Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
Lexington Ltd. CASE Coventry Coventry Metal Works
Maxmillian CASE Tok Do Alshain Weapons
Maxmillian CASE Calloway VI Earthwerks Incorporated
Maxmillian CASE Carlisle Bergan Industries
Maxmillian CASE Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Mitchell CASE Nirasaki Maltex Corporation
New Samarkand CASE New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals
Norse CASE Loxley Blue Shot Weapons
Pribak CASE New Earth Yankee Weapons Systems
Riese CASE Umka Kerr-McGinniss
Riese CASE Illiushin Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
Ryerson CASE Pinard Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
StarGuard CASE New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs
StarGuard CASE New Avalon Corean Enterprises
StarGuard CASE Wernke Kallon Industries
StarGuard CASE New Earth New Earth Trading Company
StarGuard CASE Terra Homer
Starshield CASE Capella Ceres Metals Industries
Starshield CASE Marduk Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works)
Starshield CASE Wernke Kallon Industries
Starshield CASE Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Starshield CASE Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Starshield CASE Keystone Earthwerks Incorporated
Starshield CASE Stewart Corean Enterprises
Starshield CASE Hesperus II Defiance Industries
StarSlab CASE Luthien Buda Imperial Vehicles
StarSlab CASE Andurien Bergan Industries
StarSlab CASE Gienah Gienah Combat Vehicles
StarSlab CASE Canopus IV Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
StarSlab CASE Sevon Alliance Mining and Geology
Valiant CASE Robinson Valiant Systems
Valiant CASE Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Valiant CASE Kendall Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation
Valiant CASE Carlisle Bergan Industries


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