Cenotaph Stables

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Cenotaph Stables
Colors/Badge White/red, a mechanical hand clutching a supernova, overlaid with a yin-yang symbol
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating A
Faction Affiliation St. Ives Commonality
Units Used
BattleMechs 21


Founded by the famed Kai Allard-Liao, Cenotaph Stables is one of the most successful Solaris VII stables in the wake of the Clan Invasion.[1]


Formerly Teng Stables, Justin Allard's partnership with Fuh Teng on Solaris VII prior to the Fourth Succession War would become the stuff of legend and establish long-lasting ties between the Teng and Allard families. Unlikely many of the other stables, the future Cenotaph readily allowed its warriors to fight during the Clan Invasion, a fact that earned it much political good will but also resulted in the death of many of its fighters. Despite Teng's experience and skill, the assassination of Justin and Kai's reported demise during the initial invasion led many observers to write off the stable as doomed.

However Kai's survival and return revitalized the stable under the Cenotaph name. Despite their lack of name recognition, Cenotaph openly favored veterans of the Clan wars, playing up the patriotism of their service against the Clans. This situation would continue after Kai left the Game World, taking aboard increasing volumes of pro-Victor Steiner-Davion MechWarriors. The pro-Victor stance of many of its fighters would result in Cenotaph losing many of its best when they left to fight in the FedCom Civil War on his behalf, but the gaps were quickly filled with a flood of expatriates from the St. Ives Compact following the conclusion of the Capellan-St. Ives Civil War. Since the end of that conflict Cenotaph has mouthed the pro-Liao line of all Capellan stables on Solaris, but studiously avoided mentioning which branch of the Liao family claims its ultimate allegiance.[1]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

Owned by Kai Allard-Liao, for the most part Kai played hands-off role with Cenotaph, heavily relying upon Fuh Tang to manage its day to day operation.[1]

After Fuh Teng finally retired in 3063, Cenotaph fighter Larry Acuff took over control, accepting the position despite the fact it meant he could no longer fight in the Games. Despite his relative inexperience, Acuff has proven an able manager in dealings with both his warriors and support staff.[1]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Reflecting Kai Allard-Liao's desire to avoid endangering lives any more than necessary, Cenotaph warriors try to avoid killing their opponents by any means possible, such as aiming low to avoid headshots and offering their opponents ample opportunities to surrender before defeat.[1]



Any time a Cenotaph warrior rolls a head location of a physical or ranged attack, they must re-roll the location on the first instance. The second roll stands, even if it again results in a head shot. [2]


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