Ceres-85 Delivery Vehicle

Ceres-85 Delivery Truck
Production information
Manufacturer Ceres Motors[1]
Production Year 3067[2]
Use Civilian Delivery
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Small)[1]
Equipment Rating D/X-X-B/B[1]
Cost  ???
Introduced 3067
Technical specifications
Mass 2,500 kg[1]
Top Speed 183.6 km/h[1]
Power Plant Electric (Battery)[1]
Fuel (Type/Range) 520 km[1]
Armament None[1]
Heat Sinks None[1]
Armor 208kg (BAR 4)[1]
Crew 1[1]
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Ceres-85 "Sprinter" Delivery Vehicle is a high-speed courier and delivery truck originally built for use by members of the House of Scions and important corporations based on Capella. Designed specifically to be unassuming, fast and with good range and carrying capacity, the "Sprinter" debuted to great reviews when it debuted at the start of the 3067 House session. The fact that it was proudly stamped with the "Made on Capella" mark and introduced in the midst of the Xin Sheng revitalization campaign played no small part in its popularity. Since its debut, production of the "Sprinter" has increased to meet increasing demands on other urbanized worlds of the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The vehicle has a 810kg cargo capacity, with specialty shelving allowing it to safely carry documents or small packages. Its ultra-quiet electric drive, with a cruising speed of 118 km/h, was chosen specifically to reduce noise pollution while operating within an urban environment, while long-endurance batteries give it excellent range.[1]


  • Ceres-85B - Cargo bay features locking cubicles for secure transport of sensitive documents. Used by the Capellan Commonality Bank and other corporations.[1]


The Ceres-85 has no published Record Sheet for it as of this writing.


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