Chaffee (Industrial Mech)

Chaffee ServiceMech.jpg
BT1 Chaffee ServiceMech
Production information
Manufacturer Bluth Corporation,
Coventry Metal Works,
Earthwerks Limited,
General Motors,
Wakazashi Enterprises
Use Community Service
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3081
Technical specifications
Mass 15
Engine 75 Fuel Cell
Top Speed 86 kph km/h
Armament None
Heat Sinks 1
Armor Heavy Industrial
Communications System Garret 11-GV
Targeting Tracking System None
Equipment Equipment Listing
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 212[1]


The BT1 Chaffee is an Ultra Light IndustrialMech designed as a light all-purpose ServiceMech. The brainchild of Wakazashi Enterprises’ boardmember Douglas Chaffee, it was his efforts that led to the creation IndustrialMech which he foresaw as a vehicle design to aid small communities. He labored for its creation the design and to have it distributed among other major civilian corporations as means to broker good trade relations with them. He would die shortly before his design came to fruition. To honor him for his efforts, the 'Mech would be named for him.[2]


The Chaffee seen as an all-terrain utility vehicle, which is designed to go anywhere regular utility vehicles are unable to go including hazardous environments thanks to its Environmental Sealing. Powered by a 75-Rated Fuel Cell engine, the 'Mech is able to attain speeds up to 86 kph. Envisioned to undertake physical labor, the Chaffee is fitted with 3 tons of Heavy Industrial Armor with Industrial TSM to help in tough situations. Among other roles the design to meant to handle is to assist in emergency situations. Where it been fitted with Search Light and pair Paramedic Equipment lockers found in each arm. These lockers would be used as storage for would-be rescuers on the scene.[3]

Design Notes[edit]

The Chaffee has Equipment Rating of D/X-X-D and has the following Design Quirk:


The Chaffee ServiceMech in real life is named for long time Battletech illustrator Doug Chaffee, who has passed away prior to the release of the Revised version of the Vehicle Annex.


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