Chalice of Uston DeKirk


Deemed "a bauble of a bygone era" by treasure hunter Dr. Brooklyn Stevens, who re-discovered the artifact in 3067, the Chalice of Uston DeKirk was an exquisite vessel of gold and platinum, bearing the enameled crest of House Cameron ringed with six brightly colored gemstones. It was curiously asymmetrical in design, with a broad handle running along one side, and resembled the hilt of a nobleman's rapier from an angle.

The Chalice was stored on the Annie M, an ocean-going vessel that was scuttled with all treasures aboard by the Rim Worlds Republic for later retrieval. It rested at the bottom of the Obsidian Sea on the world of Rocky for almost three centuries. Nuclear warfare had caused a winter on Rocky that pushed the abandoned world back into an ice age, and in 3067 the ship was found beached on an ice shelf by Brooke Stevens and her team. They managed to retrieve the chalice and some other treasures before decaying propellants and ammunition aboard the Annie M ignited and caused a series of explosions that eventually tore up the vessel and sank it for good.

Stevens delivered the artifact to her employer, Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner, and an official presentation was held on 24 April 3067 at the Duke's palace on Skye.