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Challenge Magazine
Product information
Type Magazine
Development Loren K. Wiseman, Michelle Sturgeon
Primary writing Kevin Stein, Vincent J. Tognarelli, Dale L. Kemper, Michael C. LaBossiere and others.
Publication information
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
First published 1986
Timeline 1986-1996
Preceded by Journal of the Travellers Aid Society

This gaming magazine contained periodic BattleTech content. Fifty-three issues of the magazine were printed beginning with issue #25. The last issue was issue #77. Approximately one-third of the issues had a single BattleTech article.

Known content

Issue 30[edit]

Article: Building the Perfect 'Mech by Kevin Stein

The example 'Mech created is called the Lucien.

Issue 35[edit]

TRO: Afterburner AFT 1B 'Mech by C.W. Hess

Issue 36[edit]

  • 'Mech Alternatives by Kevin Stein
  • TRO: Silhouette, Worker Bee & FreeFall APC hover/jump tanks. (The artwork for the jump tanks was done by revered BattleTech artist Duane Loose.)

Issue 38[edit]

  • Direct Fire Artillery by C.W. Hess
  • Scenario: A Place in the Sun by David L. Pulver. 'Hanse Davion has to act fast to prevent raiders from getting away with six-months stock of radio-actives."

Issue 39[edit]

  • Scenario: Sky Eyes by Dale L. Kemper. A raid on Patinir.[1]
  • Fiction and TO&E: The Waco Rangers- An In-Depth Look by Dale L. Kemper

Issue 44 (April/May 1990)[edit]

TRO: Cestus CST-3S Heavy BattleMech by Dale L. Kemper.

Note: This is not the canon Cestus BattleMech, but rather statistics intended for the Cestus figure produced by Ral Partha Enterprises… commonly called the BattleDroid Cestus. The text and 'Mech profile is identical to the previously published one from Space Gamer magazine issue #79. Ral Partha's catalog number… referenced explicitly in the Space Gamer article... for this 'Mech was 20-814. The unattributed artwork in the Challenge article looks more like a Rifleman than the artwork from Space Gamer magazine by John Bridges which was clearly based on the Ral Partha figure.[2]

The Introductory Level technology 'Mech was 65 tons and moved like a Panther. It relied on dual AC/2's, ML's and LRM5's for weaponry. It is 2 tons overweight.

Issue 47 (December 1990)[edit]

Game Aid: The Psychology of MechWarriors by Marcus L. Rowland. 'What happens if your 'Mech is damaged or destroyed?'

Issue 48 (January/February 1991)[edit]

Scenario: Wolftrap by Dale L. Kemper. 'Wolf's Dragoons struggle to hold their ground.'

Issue 51 (July 1991)[edit]

Game Aid: The Warriors' End by James Beane. This article profiles a well-known bar catering to MechWarriors.

Issue 54 (November 1991)[edit]

  • Scenario: Ghosts in the Machine by Michael C. LaBossiere. Fiction.
  • TRO: Laumer tank & Achilles ACH-1 & Myrmidon ACH-2 BattleMech

Issue 55 (December 1991)[edit]

  • Game Aid & Scenarios: Connor's World by Michael C. LaBossiere.[3]
  • TRO: Agni & Rudra Hovertanks

Issue 60 (May 1992)[edit]

It Takes All Kinds by Patrick Sheats. A MechWarrior Social structure. An empowered society within a society.

Issue 61 (June 1992)[edit]

  • Scenario: Low Desert Kill by Michael C. LaBossiere. 'Kenseng 4 is an excellent example of what mankind can do to a world.'
  • TRO: Yellow Jacket YJ-5K & Mosquito MS-5Q BattleMechs
  • Kelson Support Vehicle (Hovercraft)

Issue 67 (December 1992)[edit]

Game Aid: On the Cutting Edge by Vincent J. Tognarelli and Ryan Gore. Features a targeting system "Apple Churchill Hawkeye 4077 weapon linkage system", which allows you to link identical weapon systems to fire together, with one "To Hit" roll.[4]

Issue 68[edit]

Scenario: Fire on the Mountain by Vincent J. Tognarelli. 'Ivan's Marauders are on a non-sanctioned raiding mission.'

Issue 69 (February 1993)[edit]

  • Game Aid: Infantry and Field Weapons by Michael C. LaBossiere. This article introduces rules for towed field guns, along with a table to determine the Experience Level of an Infantry unit, PLUS rules for Armored Infantry. Designed to enhance the BattleTech Compendium[5]

Issue 70[edit]

  • Vehicles TRO: Echidna, Porcupine, Tapir, Infantry Transport, Mule & Medusa tanks by Vincent J. Tognarelli.

Issue 71[edit]

  • Maxed Out! by Dan Snuffin. An Armor Construction Table.
  • Scenario: Ant Hill by Michael C. LaBossiere. 'Bandit forces stumble onto a society with Star League-era technology.'

Issue 73[edit]

  • New Technologies by Aaron Braskin.
  • TRO: Pulse Leader PLS-5A, Pulsar & Ranger BattleMechs[6]


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