Charles Kincaid

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Charles Kincaid
Affiliation Terran Hegemony


Charles Kincaid can, without too much aggrandizement, be called the first MechWarrior as he piloted the first-ever BattleMech, the Mackie, in its first combat trial.


A scion of the wealthy and influential Kincaid family, Charles Kincaid has the distinction of being the test pilot of the MSK-5S Mackie during the first combat trial for a BattleMech.[1] In 2439, Kincaid's Mackie squared off against - and promptly destroyed - a number of remote controlled Merkava Mk. VI heavy tanks, ushering in the age of the BattleMech with its demonstration.[2][3]

As the Kincaid family had vested interests in a number of weapon firms and Charles Kincaid himself enjoyed good relations with the ruling Cameron family invariably faced charges of favouritism, but nevertheless Kincaid proved himself a capable pilot at the controls of the Mackie. As a result, Kincaid - then a Colonel - went on to command a company of BattleMechs within the 801st Heavy Armored Regiment.[1] In 2443 the 801st would in turn be involved in the first ever battle in the Inner Sphere to involve BattleMechs, when a lance from the 801st went on to destroy a company of armor with infantry support from a raiding party from the Draconis Combine outside the city of Barbados on the planet Styx, although whether Kincaid was involved directly in this battle is unknown.[4][5]


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