Chekaar is a planet that, as of ca. 3024, was situated within the Draconis Combine's Rasalhague Military District. Duke Hassid Ricol was Duke of Chekaar at this time.[1]

Ricol's warleader, Harimandir Singh, was a native of Chekaar[1] and at one point longed for the crystal clear skies and gleaming salt flats of his home desert.[2]

Since it does not show up on any star maps under this name and considering the official ruling that all systems in the Inner Sphere have been mapped by now, Chekaar is implied to be a secondary planet in a system going by a different name. Possible systems include the Rodigo system, the birthplace of Duke Hassid Ricol which is also named as the seat of his power in apocryphal sources,[3] or the Kaesong system that replaced Chekaar in the German translation of the only source ever naming it.


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