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CK-3 CherryPicker AgroMech
Production information
Manufacturer (unknown)
Use AgroMech
Tech Base (unknown)
Equipment Rating
Cost  ???
Introduced Succession Wars era[1]
Technical specifications
Mass (unknown)
Engine Internal Combustion Engine[2]
Top Speed km/h
Armament none
Heat Sinks (unknown)
Armor (unknown)
Equipment (unknown)
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The quadrupedal[2] CK-3 CherryPicker AgroMech[3] is a design known to be in use since before 2857.[4]

In April 3057, Alexander Carlyle and Davis McCall acquired a bicentennial CherryPicker during an uprising on Caledonia that was modified to carry a machine gun and what amounted to a small laser. They hoped to contact the Gray Death Legion as their DropShips descended on the world, but in the chaos that ensued their AgroMech was considered a possible threat and was attacked and destroyed by Legion forces. Carlyle and McCall survived and managed to make contact nonetheless.[5]


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