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Chi-Ha Infantry Combat Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Daisho MilWorks
Use Infantry Ground Transport
Infantry Fire Support
Tech Base Primitive
Chassis Type (Size) Tracked (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 2284[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 22
Structural Integrity 5
Speed 4
Top Speed 6
Power Plant ICE
Fuel (Type/Range)
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Advanced Fire Control
Heat Sinks None
Armor BAR-6
  • Total Crew
  • 2 Enlisted/Non-Rated
  • 1 Gunner
BV (2.0) 132[2]


The Chi-Ha is a light infantry combat vehicle, intended as a troop transport and light support vehicle. It was first produced in what would become the Draconis Combine during the early years of the Age of War Era.


Originally designed as an armed cargo transport vehicle, the Chi-Ha was adopted and modified by Daisho MilWorks of New Samarkand as a troop transport for the Planetary Militia's infantry starting in 2284. However, when Shiro Kurita rose to power and began efforts to form his large interstellar empire, the Chi-Ha was a key vehicle used by the Combine military to bring worlds under the its control. As Shiro's efforts brought more worlds under his domain, Chi-Ha production would be expanded to four other worlds to meet his growing army's transportation needs. It became a primary vehicle of the newly formed DCMS until the late twenty-fourth century, when it was phased out of front-line combat and relegated to support roles. Upgraded versions of the vehicle would stay in service throughout the Age of War and Star League Era in the Combine. Though obsolete, limited production runs would be made during the Succession Wars due to a need for vehicles of all kinds to serve the armies of the Dragon.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

In its latest version the Chi-Ha still utilizes Primitive Technology in its construction. Its internal combustion engine is geared to move troops at a reasonable pace of 64 kph over most terrain, with a range of over a thousand kilometers. Though no longer a front-line combat vehicle as it once was, its armor protection is adequate for secondary tasks. The vehicle's passengers and crew are protected by 2 tons of BAR-6 rated armor, strong enough to handle light machine gun attacks by enemy infantry.

Not intended for heavy combat, the Chi-Ha is lightly armed with three Machine Guns; two mounted in a turret and the third mounted in the front. These guns share one ton of ammunition to help the gunners sustain the vehicle through long combat exchanges with lightly armed foes and support its passengers.

For its intended role as an infantry transport, the Chi-Ha is designed to handle a platoon of troops in its 3-ton Infantry Compartment. These troops exit the vehicle into combat from two rear doors.[4]


  • Chi-Ha (Civilian Version)
    Originally started out as a narrow four-axle/twelve-wheel vehicle, which was initially faster than the military version.[5]
  • Chi-Ha ICV (Original)
    This was the original military version of the Chi-ha when it first premiered for military service on New Samarkand. The vehicle, while armed with same weapons layout, had extended range in comparison to the Standard or 2350 model version. Its armored chassis only carries BAR-5 rated armor, a Basic Fire Control for its weapons, and the vehicle can only move up to 54 kph. BV(2.0)=115[6]

Similar Vehicles[edit]

Other corporate interests of other Great Houses have similar models of the Chi-Ha ICV.

  • Raptor RRV - A Free Worlds League advanced and more sophisticated vehicle. However the vehicle is lighter and less-heavily armored than other urban armored vehicles. The vehicle does feature an extended range support laser with a basic fire control system, a large passenger bay with extra room for field gear and additional heavy weaponry.


  • The (fictional) Chi-Ha vehicle, first mentioned in BattleTech canon in the 1993 novel Far Country, is apparently based at least in name on a real-world Japanese medium tank from the Second World War that also featured in XTRO: 1945. Chi came from Chū-sensha ("medium tank"); Ha, in Japanese army nomenclature, refers to model number 3. Therefore, the name "Chi-Ha" could be translated as "Medium Tank Model 3".
  • Like all Primitive Combat Vehicles, the vehicle uses constructed like armed civilian Support Vehicles. The Chi-Ha features an armored chassis, which allows it to carry additional armor protection.
  • Equipment rating is D/C-X-X.
  • The image of the Chi-Ha ICV was originally used for the Cellco Ranger UPU-3000 from Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex. The Chi-Ha was originally mentioned in the Cellco Ranger's background information as a similar vehicle, but labeled as a CCV instead of the ICV. The CCV is noted as a 24 ton version, introduced in 2451, and has a Alpha Card and MUL entry for it. It is unclear if this is a clerical error or actual variant of the Chi-Ha.[7]
  • The wheeled civilian version the Chi-Ha is based on what is only mentioned in the background information of the featured vehicle. As of this writing, it does not have a published Record Sheet or many details covering it.

Design Quirks[edit]

The Chi-Ha ICV (Standard) has the following Design Quirks;

Alpha Strike[edit]

This is a direct link to the MUL page for the Alpha Strike cards:


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