Chieftain (Individual Overlord-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord


The Chieftain was an Overlord-class DropShip of Wolf's Dragoons, and used as Jaime Wolf's command vessel since 3023[1] at the latest.

As of ca. 3030 it was assigned to Able Battalion, Alpha Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons).[2]

By 3055 it was still assigned to the command company, though instead of carrying a BattleMech battalion like a regular Overlord, the 3055 Chieftain was assigned to a combined force consisting of altogether 15 'Mechs, 2 aerospace fighters, one battlearmor squad/point (5 individual battlearmor troopers), and 5 ground vehicles.[3] This seems to suggest the Chieftain was either modified, or replaced by a differently configured vessel.


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