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BattleMech Name Pin Yin Wade Giles Simplified Traditional Meaning
Duan Gung Duǎn gōng Tuan kung 短弓 短弓 Short Bow
Men Shen Mén shén Men shen 门神 門神 Door God
Jinggau Jǐng gào Ching kao 警告 警告 Warning (Siren is Jǐngdí)
Ti Ts'ang Dì cáng Ti ts'ang 地藏 地藏 (King of the) Earth's Womb
Yu Huang Yù huáng Yü huang 玉皇 玉皇 Jade Emperor
Sha Yu Shā yú Sha yü 鲨鱼 鯊魚 Shark
Lao Hu Lǎo hǔ Lao hu 老虎 老虎 Tiger
Shen Yi Shén yì Shen i 神意 神意 Divine Providence
Yao Lien Yǎo liǎn Yao lien 窅脸 窅臉 Hollow Face
Gun Gùn Kun (Fighting) Staff
Yinghuochong Yíng huǒ chóng Ying huo ch'ung 萤火虫 螢火蟲 Firefly
Tian Zong Tiān zǒng Tien ts'ung 天摠 天摠 Celestial General
Lu Wei Bing Lǜ Wèi bīng Lu wei ping 绿卫兵 綠衛兵 Green Guard(s) (as opposed to The Red Guards)
Battle Armor
Battle Armor Name Pin Yin Wade Giles Simplified Traditional Meaning
Fa Shih Fǎ shī Fa shih 法师 法師 Master of Methods
Ying Long Yǐng lóng Ying lung 影龙 影龍 Shadow Dragon
Shen Long Shén lóng Shen lung 神龙 神龍 Spirit Dragon
Combat Vehicles
Vehicle Name Pin Yin Wade Giles Simplified Traditional Meaning
Po P'o The aspect of the Soul that is tied to the physical body. Original FASA description is a "mischievous and vengeful Chinese spirit", but it seems that comes from reading other RPGs that misinterpret the Chinese - whether deliberately or accidentally.
Lu Duan Lù duān Lu tuan 甪端 甪端 A mythical creature
Shun Shǔn Shun Shield. This character is currently pronounced Dùn but was pronounced Shǔn in the past
Pixiu Pí xiū P'i hsiu 貔貅 貔貅 A mythical creature
Aerospace Fighters
Aerospace Fighter Name Pin Yin Wade Giles Simplified Simplied Meaning
Kuan Ti Guān dì Kuan ti 关帝 關帝 Emperor Guan
Lung Wang Lóng wáng Lung wang 龙王 龍王 Dragon King
Feng Huang Fèng huáng Feng huang 凤凰 鳳凰 Phoenix
Du Shi Wang Dū shì wáng Tu shih wang 都市王 都市王 Ruler of the Eighth Court of Hell
Mengqin Měng qín Meng ch'in 猛禽 猛禽 Raptor/Bird of Prey
Yun Yūn Yün Halo/Fog/Obscuring. (Also possibly an english pun on HALO given the infantry deployment aspect). Note that the TRO writes it as Yùn, which seems the incorrect tone.
Zhen Niao Zhèn niǎo Chen niao 鸩鸟 鴆鳥 Poison-feather Bird


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