Christopher Marik (32nd c.)

This article is about the fourth child of Jessica Marik. For the 3rd Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, see Christopher Marik (24th c.).

Christopher Halas-Hughes Marik
Affiliation House Marik
Parents Philip Hughes (father), Jessica Marik (mother)
Siblings Janos, Julietta, Elis, Nikol.

Christopher Marik, (born 3108 or 3109, 26 years old in 3135), is the fourth child of Jessica Marik and Sir Philip Hughes.

Character History[edit]

In 3135 he was granted pemission to attend an extreme sports tour while awaiting further orders from his mother.

In 3136 he met Duke Fontaine Marik on Tamarind as directed by Jessica Marik, to propose an alliance against Anson Marik.