Chronos (WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip / Aerospace Carrier
Class Samarkand


The FWLS Chronos was a Samarkand II-class Aerospace Carrier, which held the distinction of being the only member of its Class serving in the Free Worlds League's Navy.

Originally created for the Draconis Combine's armed forces, the ship was part of a batch of ships belong to the the Block II version of the class. Some these vessels were produced for the Star League and it's member states, such as the Free Worlds League.[1]

Among the few noted actions the Chronos participated, was during the intense opening years of the First Succession War. The ship was assigned as part of a flotilla of Warships and other Aerospace combat vessels during the League's offensive against the Capellan Confederation. It's flotilla included the Soyal-Heavy Cruisers Kumbha and Mithuna in 2788. Initially, the ship along with its flotilla mates were sent Capellan space as part reinforcing and backing up ground forces as they were securing gains during the offensive.

However, things would change when the Confederation invaded New Delos in January of 2789. The slaughter of the League forces by the Capellans would cause the League's high military command issue new orders to the Chronos flotilla. Now it's crew were ordered to undertake series of reprisal raids. It would be part raiding force which was dispatched to the Confederation's interior where it would capture and savage worlds. Starting with the world of Ingersoll, the Carrier along with it's flotilla mates would launching attack's the world's major tourist cities, laying waste to them with nuclear weaponry. The Carrier's flotilla would continue on to the worlds of Wazan and Corey, where they would repay the Confederation for it's Task Force's savage handy work on New Delos.

Chronus's flotilla would participate in conquest of Corey and Wazan, however would be have to counter a blockade of these systems by

During that year the ship was part of the bombardment of many of the Capellan worlds such as Corey, Wazan, and Ingersoll. At Ingersoll, the ship along with it's flotilla mates, devastated world's resort cities with nuclear weaponry.[2]

It is unclear what the exact fate of what became of the Chronos, however it was presumed it was lost in action during the Succession Wars, as no WarShips survived fighting by the end of the Second Succession War.[3]


  • As of this writing, there is limited information regarding other actions of the Chronos during the Early Succession Wars. The limited information of the Chronos solely comes from the First Succession War source book.
  • Errant Note: The First Succession War information regarding the year of the offensive which the Chronos participated has conflicting dates (year). It awaiting answer when Chronos fought the Capellans.


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