Citizens for Davion Purity


Citizens for Davion Purity is an extremist group devoted to the destruction of the Steiner-Davion line. The CDP has advocates the eradication of the Federated Commonwealth and the all of the descendants of Melissa Steiner-Davion and Hanse Davion, by "any means necessary".

The CDP began during the Fourth Succession War, when disruption of supply lines resulted in food shortages for many isolated, near-Periphery Davion worlds - a disruption caused by rerouting Jumpships to provide logistic support for the conquest of the Capellan Confederation. In the minds of Davion subjects on these worlds, the Fourth Succession War was fought at the behest of Katrina Steiner and the benefit of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Today, the CDP employs pirates and disreputable mercenary units to further their agenda. The CDP is funded not only by disgruntled Davion subjects, but also by separatist groups in both the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth, including the Free Skye Movement. Citizens for Davion Purity is based on the Federated Suns planet Malarn, located on the Federated Suns border with the Periphery (approximately 125 light years anti-spinward of the Tortuga Dominions). The CDP maintains operatives on Tortuga Prime, Antallos, and bandit-harboring worlds bordering the Clan Occupation Zones.