Clan Burrock Touman

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The Clan Burrock Touman is the military arm of Clan Burrock.

Touman structure[edit]

The Burrock opening bid for Operation Revival was 9 Galaxies and this was not considered to be their entire Touman in 3048.[1] However by early 3059 the Touman consisted of three front line and four second line Galaxies. All were bid to the fighting of the Trial of Absorption.[2]

By late November 3073 the Clan had raised nearly four Galaxies of mixed troops on Priori from arming civilians. These forces were soon destroyed by forces from Clan Star Adder.[3]

Current Galaxies[edit]

Former warriors of Clan Burrock attempted to resurrect the Clan in 3072.[4]

Zeta Galaxy[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3072-3074
1st Burrock Sentinels
2nd Burrock Sentinels
5th Burrock Battle Cluster
100th Burrock Gatekeeper Cluster

Omega Defense Galaxy[edit]

Omega Defense Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3072
1st Tanis Defenders
2nd Tanis Defenders

Unaffiliated Clusters 3072-3074[edit]

Eighteenth Warren Cluster[5]
Ninety-eighth Tanis Dragoons[5]
Second Burrock Cavaliers Cluster[6]

Former Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3059

Beta Galaxy[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3048
206th Hussar Cluster
15th Rapier Cluster
1015th Burrock Guards

Kappa Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3059

Pi Galaxy[edit]

Pi Galaxy
Clan Burrock Insignia.png 3059
206th Burrock Hussars

Naval Assets[edit]



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