Clan Power Pack


Clan Power Packs are a type of Power Pack produced by the Clans. As in many other technological areas, the Clans have made tremendous advancements in the area of portable power supply. While their versions of the standard, micro, satchel, and military power packs are the same size as standard Inner Sphere models, their use of advanced materials and zero-g construction methods means their packs weigh less and combine all the features of high-capacity and quick-charge batteries. Indeed, Clan power packs are fully compatible with Inner Sphere equipment and weapons, and while the same is true with Clan gear, only when their supply of Clan power packs is low will Clan warriors deign to use standard packs. They can be recharged in half the time and have greater capacity, but are more expensive than their Inner Sphere counterparts.[1]

Clan Power Pack[edit]

Approximately the size and shape of a pistol grip, it is easy to store and provide enough charge for most applications.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: F/B/A
  • Cost: 25
  • Mass: 275g
  • Affiliation: Clan
  • Power Capacity: 30; quick-charge

Clan Micro Power Pack[edit]

Roughly the size of a coin, these batteries are ideal for handheld device.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: F/C/A
  • Cost: 50
  • Mass: 15g
  • Affiliation: Clan
  • Power Capacity: 20; quick-charge

Clan Satchel Battery[edit]

These larger packs are the size and shape of a canteen, requiring the user to attach them to a belt or combat webbing.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: F/C/A
  • Cost: 100
  • Mass: 2.5kg
  • Affiliation: Clan
  • Power Capacity: 150; quick-charge

Clan Military Power Pack[edit]

These backpack-sized batteries provide the greatest amount of charge among Clan packs.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: F/C/B
  • Cost: 200
  • Mass: 5kg
  • Affiliation: Clan
  • Power Capacity: 300; quick-charge


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