Clan Smoke Jaguar Minor Characters

This is a listing of minor characters associated with Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Star Captain Arista led Trinary Battle of the 225th Battle Cluster from the cockpit of her Dire Wolf during the Battle of Luthien, her Cluster made a night attack against the largest ore mine on Luthien in the Nijunen Desert.[1]

Hillary Bowen[edit]

Star Captain Hillary Bowen was the executive officer of the The Jaguar's Den in 3057.[2] Lincoln Osis placed the Jaguar's Den under the command of Hang Mehta and Hillary’s fate in the fighting on Huntress is unknown. [3]


Star Colonel Cara was the commander of the 48th Battle Cluster. She piloted a Stormcrow during the fighting on Huntress in 3060.[4] Her first action was when she led her Cluster against the DropZone of the Northwind Highlanders close to Pahn City. Initially she was forced to retreat before launching another attack. After several hours of fighting she was again forced to retreat losing a Trinary worth of 'Mechs and several points of ProtoMechs.[5]


Star Captain Carlo commanded the Fighter Star of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3058. [6] During the assault on Kiamba in 3059 his Star Colonel reacted too late to deploy Carlo and his AeroSpace Fighters allowing the SLDF taskforce landed without incident. When he did see combat his Fighter Star was totally outnumbered in the air and wiped out. [7]

Matius Chrisholm[edit]

Star Commodore Matius Chrisholm commanded Lynx Pouncer Star, a naval unit. The Star was assigned to patrolling the Exodus Road from the fleet base at Suda Bay.[8] During Operation Bulldog it appears that Chrisholm moved his Star towards the occupation Zone in a effort to push back the assault.

Jefferson DesCastris[edit]

Star Colonel Jefferson DesCastris was the commander of the 2nd Jaguar Guards in 3057. His fate in the fighting during Operation Bulldog is unknown.[9]

Silva DesCastris[edit]

Star Captain Silva DesCastris was second in command of Trinary Command of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3058. [6]


Star Captain Ezra led a Trinary within the 48th Battle Cluster during the Battle of Huntress in 3060. His Trinary was posted to defend a factory complex near Pahn City. Technicians at the complex petitioned him to allow them to be armed in its defence when it was attacked by the Northwind Highlanders, an idea he supported but was over ruled by his Star Colonel. A decision he hoped would not condemn his clan to death or disgrace. [10]

Ti Freelander[edit]

Star Captain Ti Freelander led the Command Star, Second Elemental Trinary of the the 4th Combat Cluster on Hannover in 3050. [11]

Elyssia Furey[edit]

An Omega Star of the 4th Jaguar Regulars led by Star Commander Elyssia Furey fought a delaying action in the Mitsuhama Ridge on Schuyler against SLDF forces led by Victor Steiner-Davion. She sold her life dearly allowing the bulk of the Clan forces on planet to escape. [12]

Hasaan Furey[edit]

Star Captain Hasaan Furey commanded a Trinary under Star Colonel Ratache Osis on Tranquil in 3060. He was also a local garrison commander tasked with protecting agricultural and industrial facilities. During the attack on this installation by Damocles Commando he was killed when the cockpit of his Orion was breached.[13]

Lois Furey[edit]

Star Captain Lois Furey commanded First Trinary Assault of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3058. [6]

Davis Grey[edit]

Star Commander Davis Grey was an Elemental who led Strike Star Jungle, Stealth Trinary of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3052 during Operation Revival. [14]


Star Captain Honse led Bravo Striker Star from the 22nd Regulars from the cockpit of his Timber Wolf D.[15] During the Battle of Luthien he led a lone Star of OmniMechs that slipped free from the main fighting and managed to penetrate the Luthien Armour Works, inflicting moderate damage before retreating to the landing zone.[16]

Jon Howell[edit]

Star Colonel Jon Howell was the commander of the 11th Garrison Cluster between 3056 and 3059. He was presumably killed during the fighting on Yamarovka in 3059. [17]

Edmund Hoyt[edit]

Edmund Hoyt was the Loremaster at the time of Operation Revival. He personally led the 1st Striker Cluster in a combat drop onto the 2nd Arkab Legion in 3052. Deploying Star League era 'Mechs the Legion put up stiff resistance, but finally buckled under the assault. [18]

The Loremaster was attached to the Sixth Jaguar Dragoons during the Battle of Tukayyid where his Summoner provided mobility for Khan Lincoln Osis and his Elemental point. The Sixth suffered horrendous losses and a Com Guard MechWarrior succeeded in defeating Edmund Hoyt, trapping Khan Osis incapacitated beneath Hoyt's shattered 'Mech. [19]


Star Captain Illons commanded Flame Claw Binary of the 250th Assault Cluster. He piloted a Kit Fox and was killed on Wayside V in August 3058 fighting against Stirling's Fusiliers. [20]


Star Captain Javin commanded the Elementals of the 250th Assault Cluster. His command lost two points of Elementals when they investigated a downed Highlander DropShip that was rigged to explode in July 3058. He was killed on Wayside V in August 3058. [21]


Point Commander Kenneth of the Moon Bloodhouse led an Epsilon Elemental Point from the 214th Dragoons on Kabah in June 3050. His Point was responsible for attempting to track down terrorist activity near Sayil. Two Elementals from his point were killed by terrorists the rest of Epsilon fell victim to the hemorragic fever, native to Kabah, [22]

Glenn Kotare[edit]

Star Captain Glenn Kotare led Trinary Battle of the 33rd Assault Cluster during the fighting on Huntress in 3060. Glenn piloted a Rifleman IIC when his Trinary defended the Field of Heroes and the genetic repository against elements of the Eridani Light Horse.[23]

Roberta Kotare[edit]

Star Commander Roberta Kotare led Bravo Battle Star, Second Trinary Battle of the 267th Battle Cluster during the Counter Attack on Meinacos. It is not certain if she survived the fighting here and joined the retreat to Huntress. [24]

Samantha Kotare[edit]

Star Colonel Samantha Kotare was the commanding officer of the 6th Striker Cluster between 3058 and 3059. She was killed during the attack on Luzerne in 3059 [25]

Tatiana Kotare[edit]

Star Captain Tatiana Kotare led Assault Trinary Beta of the 6th Striker Cluster. She was killed during the attack on Luzerne in 3059. [26]

Trace Kotare[edit]

Star Colonel Trace Kotare took command of a Cluster within Brendon Corbett's Tranquil Command upon the death of Ratache Osis in 3060. However his command was short lived as he was killed in action by Damocles Commando with a missile struck his exposed ammunition bin and caused a critical explosion.[27]

Saxon Mehta[edit]

Star Captain Saxon Mehta led the Trinary Fighter of the 63rd Jaguar Regulars during the Battle of Luthien. She piloted a Jagatai during this battle.[28]

Logan Moon[edit]

The commanding officer of the 6th Jaguar Dragoons in 3059 was Star Colonel Logan Moon. He had previously been the Star Captain of the Command Trinary of the 19th Striker Cluster before winning promotion in 3058. A staunch member of Clan Smoke Jaguar, Moon was a relatively pragmatic man who was not as blindly aggressive as his fellow Clan warriors. [29]

Dwayne Myers[edit]

Star Captain Dwayne Myers commanded Trinary Battle of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3059. [6]

Sidney Nevversan[edit]

Star Colonel Sidney Nevversan was an Elemental and commander of the 7th Jaguar Dragoons in 3059. [30]

Dietr Osis[edit]

Galaxy Commander Dietr Osis commanded Beta Galaxy during the opening stages of Operation Revival. He successfully challenged Cordera Perez for command after the destruction of Edo City on Turtle Bay in March 3050. [31] He oversaw Beta's actions during the second, third and fourth waves until he led the Galaxy into a trap in the swamps of the planet Wolcott in October 3050, where hit and run as well as long range fire from the Genyosha slowly whittled away the Clan troops until Osis was forced to surrender. He was executed for his failure.[32][33]

Gran Osis[edit]

Star Captain Gran Osis commanded Binary Elemental of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3059. [6]

Jonathan Osis[edit]

Star Colonel Jonathan Osis was the commander of the 4th Garrison Cluster in 3059. He was killed on Luzerne during the second wave of Operation Bulldog. [34]

Stephan Osis[edit]

Star Captain Stephan Osis commanded Second Trinary Assault of the 362nd Assault Cluster in 3059. [6]

Ratache Osis[edit]

Star Colonel Ratache Osis was a commander of a Cluster within Brendon Corbett's Tranquil Command in 3060. Despite some success during fighting on the peninsula his defensive forces were spread too thin allowing them to be easily picked off by Damocles Commandos. It was he who issued the no prisoners order during the attack. However due to perceived constant failures he was relieved of command, however he took to the field in his pristine Supernova to duel with the Commandos. This was not to be as his 'Mech was crippled by its own heat spike and the concentrated fire of the Commandos, before he was killed by a point blank laser blast to the 'Mech's cockpit. [35]

Thibideau Osis[edit]

Star Colonel Thibideau Osis was the commander of the 25th Striker Cluster, the smallest formation within Tau Galaxy. Noted for his blond hair and blue eyes; he died fighting forces of Clan Nova Cat on Wayside V in August 3058.[36]


Patricia was the Star Colonel of the 250th Assault Cluster, which was the largest Cluster within Tau Galaxy. She piloted a Timber Wolf and died fighting forces of Clan Nova Cat on Wayside V in August 3058.[37]

Cordera Perez[edit]

Galaxy Commander Cordera Perez was commander of Beta Galaxy during Operation Revival. He has gone down in history as the man that ordered the destruction of the city of Edo on Turtle Bay in 3050. An act that even the hard-line Crusaders despised. In the aftermath he was challenged and lost his command to Deitr Osis. [38]

Diane Perez[edit]

Star Colonel Diane Perez was the commanding officer of the 267th Battle Cluster in 3057. [39] She led the Counter Attack on Meinacos in 3059, but was forced to order a retreat when the flank of her Cluster crumbled under a fierce counter assault. [40]


Star Commander Porcini was a Kit Master in the Mist Lynx Training Facility on Londerholm in 3037. One Sibko he trained included Russou Howell, Jez Howell and Trent, the man that would one day betray his Clan. Indeed some have speculated that Trent's character was the result of a single training incident where he challenged Porcini to a Circle of Equals and was humiliated.[41]

Salmon Sharrette[edit]

Star Commander Salmon Sharrette commanded Strike Star One of Alpha Trinary of the 1106th Aggressor Cluster on Luthien in 3052. [42]

Aaron Showers[edit]

Aaron Showers became Star Colonel of the 4th Jaguar Dragoons in 3048[43] and was still in post in 3059 when Operation Bulldog hit the Occupation Zone. His fate remains unknown although it is likely he died during the assault on Asgard.

Jenny Showers[edit]

Star Colonel Jenny Showers was the commander of the 304th Battle Cluster. She was responsible for the occupied colony of Nouveaux Paris in the Deep Periphery.[17]


Star Commander Tallis commanded the Second Strike Star of the 33rd Attack Cluster in 3050 during the assault on Turtle Bay. He piloted an Ice Ferret. [44]


Star Commander Tonia led Charlie Striker Star of Trinary Striker from the 63rd Solahma Cluster on Huntress in 3060. At this time she was 39 years old and considered an ageing warrior of little worth. Previously she had taken part in Operation Revival and was one of the eight warriors of the 6th Jaguar Dragoons to survive Tukayyid, but was declared solahma after the retreat. As part of the Dragoons she had piloted a Timber Wolf, but on Huntress she had a captured Hermes II ‘Mech. Her Star spearheaded the successful raid on the factories of Pahn City on the 15 March 3060; based on the plan that she had devised.[45]


Star Captain Tullian led Binary Elemental of the 33rd Assault Cluster during the fighting on Huntress in 3060. At the time of the assault he was nearly 40 years old and a former Star Colonel. He had been declared solahma after the Battle of Tukayyid and rotated back to Huntress. Initially his Star had been held in reserve by Russou Howell, however when informed of the presence of the Rabid Foxes unit in the Eastern Mountains he led two points against them. He was killed during this attack. [46]


Star Colonel Wager commanded the Jaguar's Heart on Huntress in 3060. Wager was a patient warrior not prone to rash action. He was tasked, by saKhan Brandon Howell to hunt the invading Inner Sphere forces down. During this operation he piloted a Timber Wolf and was killed by troops from the Kathil Uhlans in the Dhuan Swamp. After his death Star Captain Gareth took command.[47]

Dana Wimmer[edit]

Star Captain Dana Wimmer commanded a Trinary under Star Colonel Ratache Osis on Tranquil in 3060. She was also a local garrison commander tasked with defending Durghan City. Her forces included Striker Star and Gamma Auxiliaries. During the attack on the city by Damocles Commando she was killed defending the spaceport when a hit to her Timber Wolf's ammunition bins set off a critical explosion.[48]

Dani Wimmer[edit]

Star Captain Dani Wimmer commanded Bravo Star of the Command Trinary of the 33rd Assault Cluster during the fighting in the Shikari Jungle on Huntress in 3060. From the cockpit of her Mad Dog she fought elements of the Knights of the Inner Sphere. Leading a mixed force of 'Mechs and ProtoMechs her forces pushed back the Knights and recaptured a cadet training facility that had previously been overrun. [49]

Emilie Wimmer[edit]

Star Colonel Emilie Wimmer commanded the 362nd Assault Cluster between 3049-3059 [6] [50] She had a skill at reading opponents and anticipating their moves, something she demonstrated in the bloodbath on Courchevel in September 3050 where she defeated the Tenth Alshain Regulars to capture the planet.

Evan Wimmer[edit]

Star Captain Evan Wimmer commanded the Second Trinary Battle of the 267th Battle Cluster during the Counter Attack on Meinacos in 3059. Evan's Trinary protected the flank of the Cluster, however he allowed himself and two Stars to be lured out of position by the Eleventh Alshain Avengers. The Avengers were destroyed, but fresh troops exploited the weakness on the flank forcing the Jaguars to retreat. [51]

Frederick Wimmer[edit]

Galaxy Commander Frederick Wimmer commanded Alpha Galaxy at the start of Operation Revival,[52] until Dorian Wirth took over command in 3051[53] Frederick personally led the attack on Staplefeld in April 3050 where much to his chagrin the planet surrendered without a fight.

Ourien Wimmer[edit]

Star Colonel Ourien Wimmer was captured and made a bondsman by Clan Wolf after a near suicidal battle during the chaos following the annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar in 3060. He was renown as a pilot of an Ebon Jaguar and later became a Star Commander in the Fourth Wolf Garrison Cluster. [54]

Warren Hoyt[edit]

Star Captain Warren Hoyt commanding the 1st Battle Trinary of the 4th Jaguar Dragoons (Clan Smoke Jaguar) [55]. Died by sniper fire on Jeanette. [56]

Apocryphal Characters[edit]

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Katherine Furey[edit]

Star Captain Katherine Furey was a high ranking officer under the command of Marcus Kotare on Cermak who piloted a customized Vulture OmniMech that utilized advanced Star League technology and carried jump jets. One of Kotare's only bloodnamed commanders, she was defeated in action by attacking forces split off from the 1st Davion Guards just north of an important regional base.

Akodo Haru[edit]

Akodo Haru was a former DCMS soldier that was captured during Operation Revival. He was made a Bondsman of the clan, eventually rising to command one of the newly raised planetary defence Clusters in 3059. He was stationed in the industrial city of Kaio in the Weimar region of Port Arthur. He piloted a Catapult and was killed fighting elements of the 1st Davion Guards during Operation Bird Dog.

Marcus Osis[edit]

Star Captain Marcus Osis was a battlefield commander of Marcus Kotare on the planet Cermak who participated in counterattacks on the 1st Davion Guard's forces. He was defeated in an ambush while attempting to make off with remaining supplies and 'Mechs following a bruising defeat. The fall of Osis was a major blow to Kotare's command structure as he was one of a very small number of bloodnamed MechWarriors.


Major Piotrev was captured and made a Bondsman during Operation Revival. By 3059 he had risen to command one of the newly raised planetary defense Clusters formed from bondsmen. Inner Sphere intelligence always referred to him by his former rank of Major. He and his command Star were wiped out in a head-hunter attack by elements of the 1st Davion Guards on Port Arthur.

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