Clan Space Marine

Clan Snow Raven Space Marines
Platoon Type (Specialty) Foot (Marine)
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) 20 (5/4)
Technical specifications
Primary Weapon 20 Mauser IICs
Secondary Weapon None
Armor Environment Suit, Marine
Tech Base/Rating Clan (E/X-F-E)
Transport Weight 3 tons
Ground MP 1
Jump MP 0
Armor Divisor 2
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) –2 (0 Hexes), 0 (1-3 Hexes), +2 (4-6 Hexes), +4 (7-9 Hexes)
BV (1.0) 138


The Clans have maintained a large number of Marines to use in the defense of their space assets, among them Clan Snow Raven. The Snow Ravens field some of the largest space navy assets in known space, and these vessels need protection against boarders. Under such circumstances their marine corps is large and well equipped and organized, and while the introduction of Aerie powered armor threatens their role, its costs ensure conventional Marines will stay relevant. [1]


Clan Snow Raven Marines carry Mauser IIC laser rifles as the tight confines of starship corridors preventing the use of heavy support weapons.

Alpha Strike[edit]

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