Clan Widowmaker Touman

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The Clan Widowmaker Touman was the military arm of Clan Widowmaker.

Force Composition[edit]

Clan Widowmaker operated oversized, combined-arms Stars with integral aerospace forces.[1]

  • Frontline Star: 5 BattleMechs, 2 aerospace fighters
  • Second-line Star: 4 BattleMechs, 2 aerospace fighters and 2 combat vehicles

Touman Structure[edit]

Former Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Alpha Galaxy (Clan Widowmaker).jpg 2834
3rd Battle Cluster
4th Fang Cluster
194th Crusader Cluster

Beta Galaxy[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Beta Galaxy (Clan Widowmaker).png 2834
1st Spinner Cluster

Unassigned Clusters[edit]

Unassigned Clusters
5th Provisional Garrison Cluster


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