Clan Wolverine Touman

The Clan Wolverine Touman was the military arm of Clan Wolverine.

Very little is known of the military strength and structure of Clan Wolverine, as it was Annihilated and most information purged from mainstream Clan records. While the touman was organized in standard Clan fashion (by Galaxy), it is unknown how many Galaxies Clan Wolverine fielded at their prime.

Beta Galaxy[edit]

  • 102nd Strike Cluster[1]

Zeta Galaxy[edit]

Rear guard forces made up of the oldest warriors in the Clan, many who were veterans of the SLDF, all of which were veterans of Operation Klondike.[2]

Unknown Assignment[edit]

  • 331st Battle Cluster[1]


BattleMechs known to be fielded by Clan Wolverine include:

Naval and other military assets[edit]


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