Cochran (Individual Bonaventure-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Bonaventure


The Cochran was a Bonaventure-class corvette in service with the Hegemony Armed Forces as the THS Cochran. Early in the period known as the Age of War the black water naval squadron of which the Cochran was a part was savaged by a raid by Draconis Combine force near Imbros III. The Combine naval squadron destroyed every ship in the Cochran's patrol squadron other than the Cochran itself; the Cochran escaped by leading three Combine destroyers on an evasive course through the asteroid belt located in the Imbros system.[1]

Despite the rest of the squadron having been destroyed, the THS Cochran remained in the Imbros system and launched several ambushes on the Kuritan forces, ambushes prepared through the use of the advanced sensor equipment aboard the Cochran. The Cochran managed to cripple one enemy destroyer and destroyed a second before eventually being destroyed by the third vessel. That third vessel was subsequently forced to withdraw from the Imbros system when Terran Hegemony reinforcements arrived in the system.[1]

In recognition of the actions of the crew of the Cochran the Hegemony Armed Forces named the next Monsoon-class battleship to finish construction the Cochran.[1]


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