Cochran (Individual Monsoon-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Monsoon


Launched early in the Age of War, the Monsoon-class battleship THS Cochran was named in honor of an earlier vessel, the Bonaventure-class corvette THS Cochran. The Cochran's namesake had been part of a Hegemony Armed Forces black water naval squadron on patrol in the Imbros system when a three-ship destroyer squadron from the Draconis Combine raided the system, and all of the other ships in the Hegemony squadron had been destroyed. Evading their pursuers in the local asteroid belt, the crew of the Cochran proceeded to engage in repeated ambushes against the larger Kuritan WarShips, crippling one and destroying a second before the Cochran itself was destroyed. In recognition of the actions of the Cochran and her crew, the Hegemony Armed Forces christened the next Monsoon-class vessel to enter service the Cochran.[1]


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