Emblem-important.svg Apocryphal Product
Although it is an official BattleTech product, the subject of this article does not meet the current criteria for Canon for the BattleTech universe.
See the article's section on Canonicity for details.

Product information
Type Magazine
Primary writing Various contributors
Pages varies
Cover artwork Various artists
Illustrations Various artists
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published
Comnet was the BattleTech magazine published quarterly by the MechForce United Kingdom (MFUK). Containing mostly internal MFUK news, it also had some original content like fluff for MFUK 'Mech designs.

Altogether 47 issues were produced. The 47th was accidentially mis-numbered as Issue 46; hence, two different Issues carry the number 46. The 47th and final issue contains the parting words from Bob Nicholls' wife Wendy, closing the doors on Mechforce UK under the heading "Widow Tech".


The Comnet magazine does not fall under the current definition of Canon for the BattleTech universe.

The MechForce UK organisation was officially sanctioned by FASA, therefore Comnet can arguably be regarded as an official (apocryphal) BattleTech publication. However, its content was not checked for continuity whatsoever by FASA.


Volume XII[edit]

Number 1, Issue 46[edit]


Contents (32 pages)

  • General Information
  • Editorial
  • Editorial from a Member (Paul Waite)
  • Death Metal - review of Ral Partha miniatures
  • Demolition - scenario
  • Heat of Battle! - scenario
  • MFUK Rankings at 01/01/01 - 112 Members listed
  • 7th Dragons Tears Tournament Rules and Flyer
  • Chapter Contacts

Number 2, Issue 47[edit]


Contents (14 pages)

  • General Information
  • Editorial
  • Souixsee's Banshees - history of a mercenary unit plus custom 'Mechs
  • Timber Wolf 3-WDR Record Sheet - 2001 Members 'Mech
  • Final Stock List
  • Widow Tech - Wendy signing off....
  • Chapter Contacts