Compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive


The Compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive performs exactly as a regular Kearny-Fuchida Drive. The compact version, however, has only half the mass of a corresponding regular K-F drive and a more resilient structure (better core/helium tank integrity). It is also five times more expensive than a corresponding regular K-F drive.[1] Compact K-F drive technology is exclusively used on designated combat JumpShips (WarShips).


The Compact K-F Drive is manufactured in the following systems:

Brand Planet Company/Used by
 ? (for Agamemnon) Atreus Illium Shipyards
 ? (for Eagle) Ionus Illium Shipyards
 ? (for Fox) Galax Federated-Boeing Interstellar
 ? (for Impavido) Tamarind Technicron Manufacturing
 ? (for Inazuma) Dieron Terada
 ? (for Inazuma) Midway DeHuego & Freshet WarShip Design
 ? (for Kaga) Midway DeHuego & Freshet WarShip Design
 ? (for Kirishima) Midway DeHuego & Freshet WarShip Design
 ? (for Kirishima) Togura Stellar Trek
 ? (for Kyushu) Dieron Terada
 ? (for Kyushu) Midway DeHuego & Freshet WarShip Design
 ? (for Suffren) Terra Titan Yards
 ? (for Tatsumaki) Dieron Terada
 ? (for Thera) Ionus Illium Shipyards
 ? (for Yamato) New Samarkand DeHuego & Freshet WarShip Design
 ? (for Zechetinu) Ionus Illium Shipyards
Delano 2070 Wasat Bowie Industries


The Battlespace rulebook defines those JumpShips mounting a compact K-F drive as WarShips, whereas ships with a regular K-F drive are considered (civilian) JumpShips even when mounting weapons or fighter bays.


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