Concordat Aerospace Limited

Concordat Aerospace Limited
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Hyades Cluster
Primary Products WarShips[1]


Concordat Aerospace Limited or CAL was a heavy spacecraft manufacturer within the Taurian Concordat. During the period in which the company operated CAL operated a number of drydock facilities scattered across half a dozen systems within the stellar cluster known as the Hyades Cluster, including at least one shipyard capable of manufacturing WarShips. CAL were responsible for the development and manufacture of the Concordat-class frigate[1] from 2506 until the end of the Reunification War[2] and while only the shipyard in the Taurus system was capable of manufacturing WarShip hulls in 2765 the other shipyards were all capable of servicing WarShips and JumpShips or manufacturing DropShips.[1]


Concordat Aerospace Limited was known to have numerous manufacturing facilities distributed throughout the Hyades Cluster and a shipyard capable of manufacturing WarShips in the Taurus system, and the company was known to manufacture both DropShips and JumpShips, but the range of designs produced and the sites at which those designs were manufactured is unclear.[1]


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