Constantineau (Individual Liberator-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Liberator
Previous classes Avatar


Star League[edit]

The Avatar-class heavy cruiser Constantineau was a WarShip serving within the black water navy of the Star League Defense Force at the height of the Star League era. The Constantineau survived the chaos and destruction of the Amaris Civil War and the Hegemony Campaign and was one of the WarShips to follow General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus into the Deep Periphery. When General Kerensky's efforts to found a society for the Star League in Exile failed after his death and the Pentagon Worlds degenerated into internecine warfare the Constantineau was one of the vessels to accompany the forces loyal to Nicholas Kerensky on the withdrawal to Strana Mechty; after the founding of the Clans by Nicholas the Constantineau became a serving vessel within one of the nascent Clan toumans.[1]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

The Constantineau was one of the vessels assigned to the touman of Clan Burrock ahead of Operation KLONDIKE, the Clan campaign to conquer the Pentagon Worlds. Under the authority of Khan Polczyk, Qudi Hutchinson was given the temporary rank of Star Captain and assigned the Constantineau as well group of JumpShips and DropShips and tasked with securing the zenith jump point of the Dagda system when Operation KLONDIKE began.[1]

Hutchinson secured the jump point by jumping her own vessels in a pattern that allowed them to surround the jump point before generating an ECM bubble that covered the jump point and launching DropShips. Most of the vessels at the jump point were taken easily, but three JumpShips attempted to spin their engines up and escape; each capitulated after the Constantineau fired on them, destroying their engines. A handful of warning shots from the Constantineau also put paid to attempts to flee by various DropShips, and with the jump point secure the Constantineau went on to intercept and secure a trio of DropShips a day out from making planetfall on Dagda by jumping in via a pirate point, preventing valuable supplies and information from reaching the McMillan Collective on the planet.[1]

The Clan Era[edit]

All six Avatar-class vessels to have accompanied General Kerensky on the Exodus survived the Pentagon Civil War and the establishment of the Clans, and some years after the Clan conquest of the Pentagon Worlds the Constantineau and the other five Avatar-class cruisers were subject to an extensive refurbishment and upgrade programme that saw them become a new class of cruiser named the Liberator.[2]

As at 3059 the Constantineau was serving as the CSA Constantineau within the Clan Star Adder touman and was serving with Delta Galaxy.[3] The Constantineau remained an active part of the Star Adder touman for the next decade[4] and into the Wars of Reaving.

In 3068 Clan Snow Raven was involved in fighting in the York system. During a Trial of Possession on Strana Mechty against Clan Blood Spirit, the Snow Ravens lost the entire of Zeta Galaxy and a sibko of aerospace pilots to the smaller Clan; when a flotilla of Snow Raven WarShips led by the Potemkin-class cruiser CSR Snowflake arrived in the York system to deliver Zeta Galaxy and the sibko to the Blood Spirits, forces from the Star Adders challenged the Snow Ravens, attempting to interrupt the delivery.[5]

The Snow Ravens defeated the Star Adders' challenge, destroying the Constantineau in the process. The Blood Spirits put Zeta Galaxy to use immediately, capturing a facility on the surface of York, and the Snow Ravens earned the emnity of the Star Adders for what the Adders perceived as the Ravens interference in events on York.[5]


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