Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The DropShip Cousteau was in service with Interstellar Expeditions as the IES Cousteau when she was destroyed in the Periphery on the 3rd of October 3093 by black water naval forces from the Ghost Bear Dominion.[1]

The Cousteau was part of one of the expeditions exploring uninhabited systems across the border from the Ghost Bear Dominion when it stumbled across a Dominion naval flotilla operating under communications silence in the M78527-Theta system roughly twenty-two light years coreward from Santander V. Captain Danos of the Cousteau was frustrated enough at the continued refusal of Dominion fleets to respond to communications from Interstellar Expeditions parties in the area, and attempted to force the issue by conducting a non-threatening flyby of the convoy in an attempt to obtain a positive ID on any of the vessels in the convoy, or perhaps even determine what the Ghost Bears were doing in the uninhabited system. The Dominion response was sudden, abrupt and lethal; a Star of AeroSpace Fighters launched from the convoy and destroyed the Cousteau, an act that was followed by a broadcast in multiple languages from the Dominion convoy but consisting of just a single word: "Leave."[1]

One of the final broadcasts from the Cousteau before her destruction indicated that they believed one of the vessels within the convoy had been identified as the Nightlord-class battleship CGB Ursa Major, one of just four WarShips in service with the Dominion at that point in time. Interstellar Expeditions was unable to confirm the apparent identification, as the flight recorder from the Cousteau wasn't recovered, leaving the company to take the identification at face value despite the apparent incongruity of such a major Dominion asset being present in a region of the Periphery in which pirate activity had already dropped to almost nothing.[1]


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