Covenant Worlds 1st Expeditionary Force

Covenant Worlds 1st Expeditionary Force
Unit Profile (as of 3138)
Nickname Ex-Force
Parent Formation Covenant Worlds Militia
Formed 3138

The Covenant Worlds First Expeditionary Force was officially deployed on May 2, 3138 to assist in the Andurien War between their Oriente Protectorate allies and the Duchy of Andurien.


On the way to the system, the force arrived on May 3, 3138, in the Savannah system. There a Lyran Jumpship and Aerospace forces holding control of Zenith Jump Point of the system.

The Lyran forces, including a Star Lord Jumpship, Soledad, protective DropShips Kuan Ti Class Assault Dropship San Jeronimo & Okinawa Class Fighter-Carrier Apopka. Soledad's co & aerospace force commander, Captain Bernard Morristein. While Lyran battalion on the planet under the command of a Colonel Daily of the 6th Lyran Regulars.[1]

The Covenant forces split up with ground forces departing for the planet and aerospace forces including the carrier's half of the entire wing of aerospace fighters began attack run on the planet. Warden Marik, orders repeatally that Soledad's commander to withdraw or surrender unconditionally. He also adds he will destroy the Soledad, sighting that Covenant Worlds can build large Star Lord Class Jumpships.

Captain Morristein considered his options, and felt that cost to pay against Marik forces was to great to risk his ships and crews. So he ordered all ships of his force to surrender. Marik's ground forces dealt with the 6th's second-line battalion whom was already fighting Savannah militia forces.

On June 16th, Ex-Force[2],as it self-given nickname had landed on El Giza, fighting 4th Andurien Cavalry on the Plains of Al Jizah in Duchy of Andurien. Thaddeus Marik, lead his force in rolling hillside and ravines of grasslands of purple Fronds. His forces, had difficulty with terrain due to grass lands hiding all the ravines and valleys. The communities, hidden by low valleys and buildings made from scrap metal, caused the expedition have hard time scanning the enemy. Warden Marik, submersed that the 4th was buying time for its sister unit, 2nd Andurien Guard on Mosiro, to prepare for the Oriente's arrival. The 4th fought a hit-and-fade attacks using combination of high metal, hidden ravines and valleys. Thaddeus's force discovers trenches left over from a ancient city that once existed here before being destroyed in during the First Succession War.

Middle of July, the Ex-Force fought brutal battle for the planet against 2nd Andurien Guards & Mosiro Planetary Militia (MPM) in commercial center of the city of Al-Hassam.[3] The Andurien force fought from building to building, effecting destroying most commercial areas. MPM continue fighting in underground traffic tunnels beneath the city.


Warden Thaddeus Marik
Colonel Timur - Covenant Worlds Militia



  • Ground Forces
    • Ex-Force, First Company
    • Alphard Militia
    • Nathan Militia
    • Angel II Militia
    • Kalidasa Militia
    • Connaught Aerospace Forces
    • Protectorate Coalition militia forces[4]


The mixed militia joined the expedition, brought unusual mix of vehicles and aerospace fighters, with not as much Battlemechs support as Thaddeus wished. Most of militia commands were split of into new command forms, but some retained their militia formation.

The size of actual formation was not specified but force's dropships indicated force almost mixed battalion size force.[5]

It is unclear that Expedition was kept together when the Andurien War had concluded. One Militia unit was seen fighting on Atreus during Operation Homecoming. However wasn't clear if they were part of the expedition or separate force assigned.


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