Crazy Eights

Unit Profile (as of 3058)
CO Symerious Blade

The Crazy Eights were a mercenary unit of unspecified strength and composition under Captain Symerious Blade[1] as of 3058.


Admirers of Waco Rangers, they grafted themselves to the Rangers for all intents and purposes during the defense of Coventry against the Jade Falcon Incursion (3058),[2] to the point of fighting as a Rangers sub-unit, when they were part of the relief forces sent to Coventry. The Crazy Eights' 'Mechs were described as gaudy to behold, and mismatched versus the olive-and-tan paint scheme of the Waco Rangers.[1]

Forcing their way onto the planet through the Jade Falcon forces on 10 April 3058 shortly after 1125 hours, the Crazy Eights destroyed two OmniMechs and a number of Elementals (while the Rangers destroyed eight OmniFighters and five OmniMechs). The Rangers and the Crazy Eights with them later walked into a Clan Jade Falcon trap on 21 April 3058 in a region known as the Dales, suffering heavy losses amounting to altogether 85% of their force.[3]

Named elements of the Crazy Eights in the battle in the Dales were

  • Blade's Command Lance of Alpha Company:[4]
    • Captain Symerious Blade, CRD-5M Crusader
    • Sergeant Harvey Overand, DV-7D Dervish (did not escape from the Dales)
    • Toni Hill, CDA-3M Cicada (did not escape from the Dales)
    • Ysabel Garcia, COM-5S Commando
  • Combat Lance, Bravo Company[5]
  • The Crazy Eights' second-in-command was Leftenant Richard Kay, piloting a Hunchback that also apparently escaped the Dales, albeit with heavy damage.[6]



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