Cunningham's Commandos

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Cunningham's Commandos
Unit Profile (as of 3039)




Composition History[edit]


Cunningham's Commandos (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)

Contract: AFFC[1]



  • When randomly generating units Cunningham's Commandos may optionally roll once per lance on the "B" column of the appropriate Capellan Confederation table.[2]
  • Prior to any game the player controlling Cunningham's Commandos forces may have the Commandos gain the special abilities of any one CCAF unit, subject to the following provisos:[2]
  • The Commandos may not gain the special abilities of the Death Commandos.
  • The Commandos may not gain any special abilities relating to the selection of forces for a battle.
  • All abilities with a numerical value, such as bonuses and penalties to Initiative rolls, hit rolls et al, are halved (rounding up).


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