Cybernetic Eye Implant (Electromagnetic)

Cybernetic Eye Implant


A Cybernetic Eye Implant was an improved version of the standard Bionic Eye Replacement with two vision modes. Found only among agents of the Manei Domini, the EM eye was able to see the visual spectrum or, with the blink of an eye lid, switch to detecting the electronic and magnetic emissions given off by various technologies. One or both eyes could be replaced with this implant, and thanks to the superior technology available to the Manei Domini an agent could have eyes with different capabilities, i.e. one EM and one infrared. They could also be cosmetically enhanced to appear normal or increase the agent's intimidation factor, such as an ominous glow[1][2]

There was some level of danger and difficulty in using these eyes however. Even if the surgery necessary to implant the eye(s) was successful there was a chance the agent's body would reject the implants, requiring a second more dangerous surgical procedure, along with a chance of permanent disability or madness. Due to the metabolic demands of the implant the agent also suffered from chronic headaches which required constant medication every six hours (and resulted in many becoming addicted to the painkillers). Treatment for wounds sustained to the implanted area was also more difficult to heal and recovery time was longer.[1]


In RPG play EM eyes may detect electronic/magnetic targets as a Radar Sensor with a range of 2 kilometers. In CBT play Manei Domini infantry with EM eyes may operate as though they are equipped with an Active Probe with a range of two hexes, so long as the majority of the platoon are so equipped.[2]


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