Cyclops Eye

The Cyclops Eye was a Large Laser produced by Cyclops Incorporated.[1][2] [3]


Developed towards the end of the Third Succession War primarily for the Drillson Heavy Hover Tank, the Cyclops Eye was an unconventional design. While most Succession Wars era heavy lasers feature vulnerable long barrels and focusing mirrors, this system needed only a small, slit-like emitter. This was a result of the system's use of a unique combination of laser and particle beam technology.[1][2][3]

Instead of firing beam of light or a stream of particles, the Cyclops Eye used a combination of both to produce a beam of significant penetrating power. [1][2] The effect of this weapon is comparable to the large laser systems produced by Diverse Optics or Martell. Th Cyclops Eye is less vulnerable to damage than a conventional system, and is also easier to maintain and manufacture. [1][2][3]


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