Czar (DropShip class)

Production information
Manufacturer Deimos Clipperships
Production Year 2462[1]
Use Combat Transport
Type Civilian Spheriod
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Primitive)
Technical specifications
Mass 6,400 tons
Structural Integrity 7
Length 82 meters meters
Width 82 meters meters
Height 99 meters meters
Drive System Fusion Engine
Safe Thrust 1.5g
Max Thrust 2.5g
Fuel (tons) 150 tons
Fuel (days) 3.37
Armament 12 x Large Lasers
24 x Medium Lasers
Armor Primitive DropShip Armor
Crew 9 Officers
35 Enlisted/Non-rated
10 Gunners
1,013 Bay personnel
Heat Sinks 112


The Czar Class was an early multi-role military DropShip which first entered service with the Terran Hegemony in 2468. The design first was developed by the Deimos Clipperships company of Mars as the military variant of their newly made civilian Clippership V design. The Czar shares the Clippership V's technological innovation of incorporating the newly developed prototype version of the K-F Boom and Docking Collar into its design.

Czar military career would begin as standard Combat Transport for Hegemony’s Regiments used for invasions. The ship would be first teamed with then newly Liberty Class JumpShips. The ship would soldier on through the centuries, which would include serving in the SLDF. After being decommissioned from military service, the ship would linger on well after the fall of the Star League in civilian service with a few ancient survivors still active as of 3079.[2]

Armament & Capacities[edit]

The design is armed with only energy weapons, each of its weapons bays being fitted with two Large Lasers and four Medium Lasers. Twenty-Five tons primitive grade of military armor is used to protect the DropShip's hull from enemy fire.

As one of its features, the ship has the ability to be reconfigured to carry various military formations. Initially, it was configured for Infantry battalions, but decades later it could be configured to carry a battalion of Armor and Mechanized Infantry.[3]


  • Bay 1 - Small Craft (1) - 1 door[4]
  • Bay 2 - Infantry (18 Foot Platoons) - 1 doors
  • Bay 3 - Infantry (18 Foot Platoons) - 1 doors
  • Bay 4 - Cargo (1,900 tons) - 2 doors
  • Bay 5 - Cargo (1,900 tons) - 2 doors


  • Clippership V 
    Civilian version of the Czar, first commissioned 2468 along with the Czar. It first used the prototype K-F Boom & docking collar would later be used in its military sistership.[citation needed]
  • Clippership IV 
    Non-K-F Boom vessel, the design was originally designed to deploy with primitive JumpShips that stored its DropShips internally. The ship had 4,000 tons Cargo capacity. The design was first used in 2458.[citation needed]

The Czar other configuations include the ability to transport; Armor Battalion, Mechanized Infantry, and carry 4 BattleMech Lances.[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Czar is subject to the following Design Quirks:[6]


As of this writing, the Czar's variants and its Civilian sister ship, Clippership IV & V have no published Record Sheets. Nor does the Czar that was featured in the PDF Experimental Technical Readout: Primitives Vol. III have been assigned a Battle Value.

The image of the Czar was originally used with Dictator Class DropShip.


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