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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Okinawa


The DCS Ashi-oto was the first of the Okinawa-class fighter carrier DropShips designed by the Draconis Combine to see combat. In 3055 Haruka Otanashi briefly served aboard the Ashi-oto. During this time the ship fought in raids against Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat.[1]

The Ashi-oto was one of the ships that participated in the 3055 raid against Luzerne, which occupied by Clan Smoke Jaguar.[2] The Ashi-oto was heavily damaged during the raid while fighting as a part of the rearguard; however, despite the damage taken and the loss of more than fifty percent of the attached AeroSpace Fighter group, the crew of the Ashi-oto were greeted with medals and congratulations when they returned. The damage inflicted on the CSJ Hunter's Pride, a Congress-class frigate, by the Ashi-oto's fighter group doubtless played a part in this decision, as the Hunter's Pride was forced to withdraw from the battle; Captain Hiyama of the Ashi-oto was even awarded the Bushido Blade on Luthien for his actions.[2]

Following the battle at Luzerne and other combat actions fought by Okinawa-class ships the class was redesigned slightly, adjusting the armor protection to place greater protection on the nose at the expense of the aft and sides; however, it unknown if the armor on the Ashi-oto was subsequently retrofitted to follow this pattern.[2]


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