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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Kirishima


The Siriwan was the fourth Kirishima-class cruiser to be constructed by the Draconis Combine; manufactured in the Togura system in the late 3050s, the Siriwan entered service sometime after 3058.[1]

By 3067 the DCS Siriwan had been on active service for some time along with two sister-ships of the same class, the DCS Takashi and DCS Urizen II; [2] A fourth ship of the class, the DCS Shiro, had already been lost in action, fighting against Clan Smoke Jaguar forces during Operation BULLDOG.[3]

As a result of machinations performed by the group known as the Council of Gems, the leading figures within the Kokuryu-kai,[4] the Kanrei of the DCMS, Kiyomori Minamoto, deployed the Siriwan to Algedi in an attempt to cow the Azami. The Azami worlds were refusing to contribute to the Combine war efforts in the face of what they considered the heavy-handed neglect displayed by the Combine in response to the asteroid strike on Arkab in 3071 that devastated the world.[5]

The government of Algedi refused to be intimidated by the Siriwan or by the ultimatum relayed by the Siriwan from the Kanrei; as a result, in mid-January 3072 the Siriwan bombarded two cities from orbit, completely destroying them. The Azami response was immediate - the Azami destroyed the Siriwan using a pair of Peacemaker-class missiles with nuclear warheads, and Azami AeroSpace Fighters and assault DropShips engaged and destroyed the two DropShips that survived the nuclear explosions.[5][6][7]


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